Saturday, October 25, 2008

What an amazing week.

This last week has been interesting. I have never had such a good week like I have this last week. I have learned so much in these last 7 days. I can't say exactly for the reason of secrecy in Masonry, but what I have learned will teach me to be a better man.

So far 3 awesome things have happened in the last.....week.

1. Sweetest Day. I love you Addy!!!!!!!
2. They upped my hours big time and next week as well :-D
3. My initiation into Freemasonry.
4. Took my ACT Test today.
5. Fixed things with my close friends.

Going from a shitty life to this wonderful week. Masonry has showed me to the right path in becoming a better person. Addy and I are still majorly happy together. The ACT Test was pretty easy, and more hours at work to be able to pay my bills! Woot!

I'm just glad everything is finally coming around. I defiantly know that being a Mason will lead me into the right path in life and help me out in the long run.

Today I got to study with my Mentor, last night I studied and went out to dinner with a Brother and his wife. So yeah......

Brother Drew was kind enough to give me two fancy pairs of dress shoes. Very thoughtful! I couldn't thank him enough for all the help. I also want to thank my Brethren, Kevin, Bill, Neil, Stephen, Drew, & all the rest I met at my initiation!! It means a lot! Sorry I forgot some of your names. Still learning.

Well peeps, I'm out....Until next time..

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