Friday, October 17, 2008

A post dedicated to Addy for Sweetest Day

I'm sure some of you might find this post boring, but hey....I'll get over it. Today is Sweetest Day, and I did my shopping and shit. Gifts are always nice....but do they "Really" speak the words that you want your Significant Other to hear? Not to me. That's why I dedicated this post to my wonderful girlfriend Addy.

To my sweetheart +Addy,

Baby, just to let you know, the words I have chosen in this post can't even compete to how I really feel about you. I love you.

Baby, my love for you is great. How great you ask? Greater than Earth? Greater than God? Let's just say I highly doubt God can even describe my love for you. I love you more than you'll ever know. I remember the first time I first set my eyes on you I was stunned. I thought you were an angel at first because of your beauty, but when I got to know you more, I felt you were much better than that.

The more and more I became friends with you, I didn't think of your beauty, because love is not judged off of beauty. I've never met a girl that has made me feel loved by just being friends. I wanted more....but you were taken. By a man who made you think that he loved you. You finally saw the truth and realized what happened.

We waited and hung out more and more and we decided that our friendship was really love. It took us a while but we started noticing it right after we were both hurt. We comforted each other in times of need. Everytime I saw you, I just wanted to let out my feelings. I didn't want to scare you though. You were too precious to me.

There are some relationships that take a while before you can tell them that you love them because you are unsure, but I was sure. I wanted to let out to the whole entire universe that I love you. It drove me mad. That's why I spent more time with tell you sooner or later. I needed you. You complete me baby. You really do. No offense, but you couldn't begin to imagine how much I love you.

Look at us hunny....almost 5 months in a couple weeks and we're beyond happy together. Every morning, I wake up. Want to know why? It's not because of work, or my friends(I do care for them though), or just to see the light of's because of you. My duty to you is to stay alive. My job is to protect you and be there for you when you need someone to talk to. I'm here to put a big smile on your face when you're sad, to comfort you at tough times. If anyone tried hurting you I would take the pain. A knife stab, or a gunshot wound, my body belongs to you babe.

I will never let anyone hurt you. Addy, this is no ordinary relationship. I want a future with you. I want to live with you, wake up to you and go to bed with you every day, go shopping with you, make breakfast for you every morning, and tend for you and your needs when you're sick.

Baby, I want a family with you. I really do. Normally for relationships you have to be with them for years to know if you really want them, but fuck that. I know you're the right one for me. These almost 5 months have taught me a lot. I know you inside and out like a book and realize that you're definatly NOT like most women. You're the best babe. Hunny, because of you, most of my depression is gone. You didn't work solo either, we did it together like a couple should. I love you Addy. Thank you for this wonderful life that you have given me.

Happy Sweetest Day Baby

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