Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Addy's Sweetest Day Gift To Me!!!!

So Sweetest Day is this Saturday and it's time for all you couples to get something for your significant other. Woot!!

Addy has decided to get me an early present and it has finally arrived!!! I took pics of them and and can't even describe how amazing the
y are. Thank you baby!!! Happy Sweetest Day!!!
This is her star necklace. I promised her that I would wear it and her bracelet....and her T-Shirt. She cherished them both so I told her I would wear them because I love her. :-D

The next gift was one of my 2nd favorite band, The Bangles. She got me the greatest hits CD!!! AHHHHH!!!! It's an amazing CD :-D

This gift shocked me. The Metal Gear Solid Novel. OMFG. I screamed with joy.....of orgasms. Lots of jizz everywhere. So far, I've read 50 pages in an hour. Not bad. The book is BEYOND amazing and is perfect for a Metal Gear nut like me :-D!!!!

The next one was a Rage Against The Machine T-Shirt! RATM is my FAVORITE BAND!!! As you can see in the first image....Nuns are holding shotguns. FUCKIN SWEEEEEEEEEEEET. On the other side is their fuckin awesome logo! Wicked....

Then the creative box that all this came in.....

The words on the box say, "Addy's secret magic box with stuff for Tim inside." "......Ohhhhh!"

These gifts were NOT the best part. The best part was the 3 page letter she wrote about her love for me. I can't even describe it in words.....but it was amazing. She makes me soooooooooo happy and I'm glad I'm the lucky guy she chose to love. Thank you for everything hunny!! I hope she enjoys her present.... :-D Thanks for reading folks!

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