Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15th. Woot!

So the day has arrived!!! A lot of good things happen today.

So at the moment, I'm waiting for a package from my girlfriend Addy. She said she sent me a Sweetest Day gift and I can't wait to receive it! I love her to death.

Today also happens to be the day where I found out if I am a part of the fraternity (Freemasonry) or not. I'm nervous....yet excited. After tonight....I'll give you clues. Clues that make no sense. hehe.

Anyways....I just realized that I have my ACT test on the 25th. Woot!! I can't wait to take it even though I'm planning on starting at a community college first.

So the new Playstation 3 firmware update happened at midnight. One of the best updates in history. Re-did a couple of the interface options, In-game camera for most games, we got Flash 9 for our internet browser!!!!!! I can view most sites FINALLY, and a lot more. So far, Streaming videos on IGN, Gametrailers, and such have been PERFECT. They load within 10 seconds, and NEVER lag. It was an orgasm waiting to happen.

So, I'll make another post about the results of the day later on tonight. Cannot wait! Take care everybody!

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