Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Lastest.....and Greatest.......News. Woot!!!! 11/02/08

So it has been a while since I have posted anything, and I felt like writing since I had a lot to talk about. So shall we start?

The Mirror's Edge Demo FINALLY came out last Thursday. The controls are BEYOND amazing. The feeling, the reality, EVERYTHING. This isn't a game that I will just pencil in for a 1st day buy, but it's written in stone. I carved it in ever since the first trailer. The demo just made it...perfect. A MUST TRY for anybody with a sense should I say this...image beyond reality? It is stunning.
The demo is out on XBL & PSN. Download Now!!!!!

Another demo that was made downloadable was Tom Clancy's Endwar. An amazing game based off of World War 3. Simply Stunning. This game is not based off of a first person shooter engine, but of an RPG-ish style where you only control your characters by voice command and let me tell you...the voice command feature is brilliant. There are no problems what so ever with voice recognation. You command an army.....U.S., Europe, or Russia. Very good choices in my opinion. You basically are to conquor the world. It's really hard to explain, so I suggest you download the demo now and find out for yourself.

So...after studying for 2 weeks, I have decided that at the meeting this Wednesday I will be performing my Entered Apprentice Examination. I'm somewhat excited....but really I'm not. I'm beyond nervous. So hopefully all the studying has paid off....Fellow Craft Degree here I come!

So 3 things are happening this week that will keep me pretty busy :-D
1. Wednesday-E.A
. Examination
2. Thursday-Playstation Ho
3. Friday, Saturday, & Sunday-Addy comes over to spend the weekend!!!

You also heard me correct...Playstation HOME. The very Home that has been delayed so many times. ALL Qore Subscribers get access into the beta this Thursday and that includes me :-D I'm stoked!

I cannot wait till November 11th. Mirror's Edge!!!! AHHH!!!! It's going to be sooooo amazing!!!

So Bonki returned from the Army last week. We hung out all weekend and it was fuckin sweet! We got to hang out with our close friend Mike Garrett....Twas fun. We all went to the Chainsaw Creek Haunted Houses in Toledo with Luis and then went to Hooter's (which was an experience of a lifetime lol). On the other side, Bonki had two PSP's and decided to give me one. That was the most awesome thing ever! This will mark my 3rd PSP to date. The other two and what happened to them are a different story. He gave me the God of War Chains of Olympus bundle and Hellboy: The Science of Evil
(Shitty game) and the movie Superbad and a 4gb Memory Stick Duo. Very VERY thoughtful mate!!! Can't thank you enough!!!!!

As you can see, my background happens to be the Square & Compass. The symbol of a Freemason. :-D Well, I have to get ready for work, thanks for reading!!

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