Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Community Band, Freemasonry, Updates! Woot!

So when I walked into the band room doors last night I was greeted by a lot of people.....who shop at Kroger's. Woot.....people who know me for scanning their groceries. So they were all happy that I decided to help the Percussion line out and let me tell you....it was really fun. I played a couple of songs on Snare (my first time back on snare in a year, sight reading music and boy let me tell you.......I KICKED ASS! I sight read it extremely well.) and then decided to play bass drum for one, and sleigh bells/triangle/wood block/cow bell for another. Twas really great.

So the members of the percussion line were funnier than hell. I've never met a drumline that is not funny and likes to fuck around during practice. I had a blast last night and can't wait for the upcoming practices. Now the only thing im worried about is that you are required to wear a black suit for the concerts.....WHERE THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET A BLACK SUIT?!? I can't even afford one. Bastards....:-P

So tomorrow night is the next Masonry meeting in BG. So all of you know, I find out tomorrow night the results for my petition. I'm extremely nervous. I can't really say anything to you all until October 22nd. Cross your fingers!!!

So there happens to be a Playstation Network Maintnence today from 2pm-7pm. A little fishy huh? Usually their like 2 hours long.....Well.....there could be reasons behind this.....The Home Beta, Update 2.50, or The Resistance 2 Beta that I want so bad?!?!? We'll find out soon enough.

Me & my friends are still trying to plan our escape out of America. We want out....bad. As travelers, our place doesn't belong in one spot, but many. Sooner or later it will happen. I just need to see the world with my own eyes.

In our wonderful news....our *cough* "Wonderful" *cough* government has decided to pass another great bill to try to control us in every way. The Anti-Piracy Bill. Now they are giving tools to all the major music and movie companies to track people not only nationally....but worldwide. Bush has also mentioned an IP Czar as well.

So pretty much you all understand why I really want out of this country....Our country is falling a part. Some of you will hate me for saying that but others will 100% agree. I mean no offense to the military personal, or what not, but it's true. In my opinion, we're not the best country anymore. Just because we have a LITTLE more freedom than most doesn't make us the best. That makes us arrogant and cocky.

Come on....other countries have an excellent economy and even universal health care. Let me tell you all this....I'd rather give up a little freedom and live RIGHT for once then have a bunch of freedom and not be able to do much here. With no money, you can't always do the great stuff. Most people will agree with me on this. I'm NOT anti-american in anyway, I'm just not blind. I love my country, but it's disappointing when most of our people can't afford to live right and other countries can. It's pathetic.

Well enough of my rambling for now.....hope you all enjoyed and once again, please don't get mad at my opinion. After all. this is a FREE COUNTRY. Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Tim! Figured I'd comment on your ramblings.

Congrats on joining the community band...it was great fun when I was in it but probably won't go back...too many ghosts and haunts for me to feel comfortable there.

Also congrats on the mason thingy...I know that means a lot to ye, so good job.

However, as somebody who actually owns copyrighted works and has had them stolen before, I must disagree with your viewpoint. There are a lot of people who this effects, some of them are the rappers/musicians/terrible movie stars, etc who make so much money that pirating a few thousand CDs isn't going to make a difference really.

Then, you have the real artists, musicians, actors who have...oh, what's the word...ah: talent. Many of us (myself included) are struggling from paycheck to paycheck. Pirating their stuff does hurt (I threatened to sue the chap who stole stuff from me and eventually got my money for it), and these new laws do help those people out...albeit, they make pirating other stuff harder, but we all know these super rich rappers need their money more than us poor artists do ;)

Geh, I've rambled enough...we ought to hang out like this weekend...Mum and the girls are out of town, so I have the place to meself :D