Monday, October 13, 2008

11:41am......What an interesting time......

to make a sandwich!!! Man I'm starved...I woke up this morning to the noise of a little guy slamming shit around inside my stomach yelling "HUNNY WHERE'S MY BREAKFAST?!?". Welcome to my life.

So I just wanted to post a picture of the Masonic symbol just incase no one was familiar with the symbol.

Pretty neat eh? The G stands for Geometry. I won't go any further. And no, Masons are not known worldwide as mathmeticians. Smart Ass......'s Monday so what the fuck am I going to do? I'm thinking about going to Subway again just to start an argument with one of the workers over who is better between McCain & Obama. It's a friendly argument might I add. :-P. She always threatens to "spit some winner in my food". Ok....why don't you just say that you're going to spit in my food? Makes sense to me.

I decided to join community band last week....right after the first practice ended I grew an extra dick and called the directer and told him I've been playing drums for 12 years. He was happy for the matter of them being ungodly low on percussionists. Woohoo!! I told him I haven't played anything orchestral in 2 years. He had to reply with, "Everyone here hasn't played in 50 years". Wow....they sure as hell have me beat.

Gotta find out what time the practice starts......hmmmm.......

So for all of you Playstation 3 owners (like me!!) I finally for to beta test LittleBigPlanet! All I'm going to say about that game is that it will exceed way beyond anyone's expectations. I'm also getting ready to beta test Resistance 2 & possibly Home since I'm a Qore subscriber. Woot!!!

That's all for me now until some stupid shit happends later that I want to talk about. Later!

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