Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/12/08-My 1st blog entry.

Wow, from Xanga, to Myspace, to Facebook, and now to Blogger. What next? Well folks, Neo and I had a lot of fun with our video game blog and have decided that we were too busy to update it all of the time. So, I created this blog just so I can update it on my own time. Anyways.....

Just a brief recap on what is going on with my life....

1. I'm a prisoner.....wait......"Happy Worker" at Krogers here in good old Bowling Green, OH. :-P

2. I'm still dating Addy and have we been happily together for 4 months now. :-D

3. With my knowledge of Freemasonry, and closest friends being Freemason's, I too have decided to step up and become one. My petition is still in the works at the present moment, but am not allowed to say what is going on with it at all due to secrecy within Masonry. It is in the final stages though. I can say my position on the matter "soon".

4. Addy and I are moving in together early next year. Woot!

Ok instead of these small sentences....lets move on to the bigger stuff!

I'm 20 years old and living on my own in Bowling Green, OH. I am a PROUD Playstation 3 owner and if any Xbox fanboys out there have a problem....Suck my Sony loving dick! Anyways...I'm prepared to start Owens this coming year. My major will be in Asian Studies and a minor in Business. I will be taking Japanese Lauguage courses to prepare for when I transfer to Kent or Central Michigan University and start the Study Abroad program and study in Japan.

I'm still into Voice Over work for independent games and flash animation. I'm getting prepared for a Metal Gear Solid story based video game where I play as Ocelot. Ocelot's voice is a voice I've been working on since the release of Metal Gear Solid 1 and have been told by many people that I am Patric Zimmerman's (Ocelot's Voice Actor) twin in voice over work. I decided to try out and got the part! So I'm syked.

About Freemasonry....the rule goes....2B1ASK1 (To be one, ask one). Freemason's are not allowed to ask people to join their fraternity. It's against their code. A month ago while working at Krogers, I stumbled upon a vehicle with the Masonic symbol (The Square & Compass) on some guy's license plate. When he stepped out of the truck I walked up to him and told him I'm extremely interested in becoming a Freemason. He shook my hand and said that he was really glad to hear that and asked me if there was anything I would like to know about becoming a Freemason.

His name was Kevin by the way and till this day, is still a good friend on mine. I sent in my petition and is in the final step of the process but cannot say in detail what is going to happen due to what I said before, Secrecy. Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. They are not a Secret Society, but a Society with secrets. Remember that ;-)

Now on my thoughts about Politics. DO NOT READ IF GREATLY OFFENDED BY REMARKS ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN. This year, we have been granted the privilege to vote for two men who agree with each other and then attack each other for no fucking reason. Wonderful. I admit, when it came to early voting, I voted for Obama. I have a reason for that. McCain looks older than Dinosaurs and looks like he could roll over and die here soon. If that happens, the White House gets handed over to the dumbest motherfucker on the face of the Earth.....Sarah Palin. Just for future references....I'M NOT SEXIST!

I do NOT like Palin for the pure fact that 3/4 the shit she talks about DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH OUR FUCKING COUNTRY! She's just as bad a McCain when it comes to claiming she & McCain are "Maverick's". Palin is a Maverick? No, not at all....she's a wolf killer. McCain likes stabbing American's in the back so who better to run as V.P. than a good old illegal wolf killing "Hockey Mom"? Makes sense now doesn't it?

Another thing that bothers me about McCain is his SHITTY DEBATING. Has anyone noticed that when Obama has a problem with McCain he looks McCain STRAIGHT IN THE EYES? It's funny because when McCain has a problem....he laughs hysterically and won't turn an eye towards Obama. Great job McCain....I really don't mind voting COWARDS into the Oval Office. You should work on running Palin's life (good luck with that) before you try and ruin our country. No more talk, they're not worth anymore words.

I do not want anybody to be offened by this (Palin & McCain I don't care about you two) because this is a matter based on OPINION.

Well I'm glad you all took the time to read this and hopefully comment. Thank you so much and try to drop some feedback on my facebook as well. Thanks everyone!

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