Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The time will soon come

So it's Tuesday, and doing nothing at the moment so I decided to post. Great and bad things have happened within this last week and more good things are to come later on in the week!!

Tonight I'm going with aaron to the BGHS Marching Band Concert. Can't wait to hear the drumline cadences that I used to play! Plus, a Bon Jovi thing as well.

Looks like Kasprzak and I (IF I can afford it) are going to the Metallica concert on November 9th. Going to be fuckin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

I just bought the new Apocalyptica CD "Worlds Collide" and OMFG it's amazing! It features the lead singers of Rammstein, Slayer, Slipknot, Three Days Grace and more!! I can't describe how fuckin amazing it really is.

So tomorrow is the big night!!! 7pm EST my initiation will start for Freemasonry. I'm beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I used to be a News Writer for the BIGGEST Metal Gear Solid fansite in the world. Yes, it actually is. The owner of the site decided to leave a while ago (a couple of months ago) and left the site in the hands of 2 guys who just suck ass. They took away most of the staff (including me) and we decided to have a nice chit chat with our good friend Pavel who owns the website and used to be in charge. Well, it just so happens that I was informed today that Pavel has fired all of the bad staff members. So looks like I'm getting my job back!! Woot!!! (Hopefully once I get in touch with him.) Him and I are really cool and I really hope that my good friends NeoSnake4 & Null get the job too. They're really good.

Long Live Metal Gear!!!

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