Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

I know it's only Saturday and the weekend isn't over according to you, but since I have to work tomorrow, it's defiantly over. lol. So A LOT of shit has happened this weekend. Finally another long blog. Woot!!!

So right after work on Thursday, I was picked up by Kevin & his wife Christie (However you spell it) at Kroger's and we all headed out to Neil & Kara's place for Thanksgiving. The whole day was amazing. Neil, Kara, Beth (Neil's Sister), Kevin, & Christie are wild as hell and are a lot of fun. Great hearted might I add. Guys, if you read this, hanging out with all of you for Thanksgiving was amazing and would love to get together again sometime!

That night, we ate and had fun by playing Monopoly. The game lasted a couple of hours. I was the first one to go, then Neil, and....I forgot who won.....or maybe it was a draw.

So after Thanksgiving, I went over to Bill's house around 9:30pm for about 2-3 hours. When I got in, Bill's wife Marsha challenged me to a couple of rounds of 9-Ball Pool. She did a great job, but I won both matches :-D. I still got a kick out of Bill not knowing I was there until an hour after arrived. When he heard me talking he came over to me and said "Hey there Tim! I didn't know you were here." I replied with "I've actually been here for almost an hour lol." So we both laughed and listened to Spiritual Music (It was about personally calming your body down....kind of like something you would listen to while meditating). Steve came over and chatted with us for a while about movies and such and it was a great night.

When I got back, Kasprzak (Who just returned from Dayton to hangout on the 2 days that I had off) & I drove around for a while until we decided to go to his mom's place and play Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Mirror's Edge, & Resistance 2 till around 4-5am. So when we woke up around....9am, we headed back to my place so I could meet up with my Mom. My Mom & I had to go to AT&T to get me a new phone since my black flip phone that I've had for the longest time pretty much gave out by blue screening and the battery was a piece of shit as well. So I got my new phone, we went to Kroger's to get supplies that I needed and finished that, and then dropped me off at my house to get a shower since, Kasprzak, Bonki, Aaron, Kiesha, & I were going shopping for Black Friday sales :-D

So, I got my shower, met up with Kasprzak & Kiesha, and we headed to Aaron's place to pick him up. We then headed to Best Buy in Perrysburg so that I could grab a game that came out in late October that was on sale for $20 (It WAS $60, but because of Black Friday, I got it for $20 :-D). The game was Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. Nabbed, that, then met Bonki at Books A Million in Levis Commons. While we waited for bonki, I did a little shopping myself and for Addy for Christmas. We then headed to Toledo to go get some food at the Golden Corral. Afterwards, we headed to the Franklin Park Mall for some shopping (God....that sounds girly).

First place we went to was Spencer's, just for quick laughs. When we got in the store, a song about kids farting on Santa's lap came on and Kasprzak & I couldn't stop laughing. So we decided to look for Hot Topic, and in there, I bought some more Christmas Gifts. I am pretty sure Addy is looking at this thinking that I'm going to mention what I bought her....hehe! Not this time hunny! I love you! Anyways...We then went to Gamestop where I got some more gifts and shit, and then decided to go to Boarder's for MORE gifts. Pretty intense eh? After that, I finally decided to get my haircut. It isn't that bad, but I'm not 100% comfortable with it.

After I got my haircut, we decided to leave and drop Kiesha & Aaron off. Bonki, Kasprzak & I went to Mike's Mom's place again to play games and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Woke up around 11:30am today and went to the Woodland Mall to drop Bonki off and then Mike & I hung around Steve & Barry's for a while then grabbed my shit and took me home since he had to get back to Dayton.

Everything kicked ass this week and was one of the best weekends of my LIFE. I hope life keeps getting better like this. I know it will....Addy & I are moving in next year!!! :-D I get to also leave Bowling Green for that reason as well (FUCKIN FINALLY). Thanks for reading folks and take care!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updates!!! 11/26/2008

So the updates have finally come. What could be a better time than the day before Thanksgiving? Let's tear this motherfucker apart and drop some knowledge for ya'll....word. (I swear I will try to NOT talk like that ever Anyways....

I have became a Fellowcraft in Masonry. Fellowcraft is the second degree AND the second to last one too. So what is the final degree? Master Mason. I & my Mentor Bill are REALLY aiming for the next meeting to perform my next exam. lol Yes, I'm pretty much ready. The exam isn't that bad, and I have 3/4 of it memorized. 8 more days until the next meeting. I feel like I'm campaigning for Presidency.....shit. I'll make it! Almost done with all of this memorizing....Thank God.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Woot! For all of you people who love to eat ( this day was made for you and your stomach of justice. I happened to be invited to my Brother Neil from the Lodge's place to join him and his wife (also including the rest of his family and Brother Kevin and his Wife) for Thanksgiving. Neil & Kara, if you are reading this, Thanks so much for letting me come over!!! You two are great friends (same with Kevin and his wife-even though I'm still getting to know you 4). Thanks for everything guys!

Afterwards around 10pm, I will be going over to Bill's place to play cards and pool against Bill and family. They wanted me to come over and eat pie and play cards so I was really happy to be invited by them as well.

So Kroger's today was a pain in the ass. I mean a MAJOR pain in the ass. Wednesday's are normally Senior Citizen's Day, but fuuucckkk.......Senior Citizen's Day & the day before Kroger's is just fucking with me. Bastards.....I'll leave what happened at work to your imagination :-D

So yeah, I'll write a blog soon about Thanksgiving so take care everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marching in the Bowling Green Parade as a Mason

Today was another day for which I am beyond proud of myself. Why? For becoming a Freemason. I know I mention the Masons a lot but I'm damn proud of being a member. After hitting my 2nd degree, I have learned so much you wouldn't believe. I have used these teachings to better my life by the craft. I am really honored to be a Free & Accepted Mason of Ohio.

Today, I went past the Bowling Green Marching Band and hearing them yell out my name and cheer me on made me feel so good. Also, being able to let everyone I knew know that I was a Freemason and fuckin proud of it made me feel great too. Let the comments of "World Control" and shit commence. Can't wait for the first person to start....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have been risen.....

to the degree of Fellowcraft. All I can say, is that last night was incredible. I performed my Entered Apprentice Exam and they mentioned that "It was damn near perfect."

Now I'm studying (and memorizing) the Fellowcraft Exam. Once I pass that, I will be of the highest degree....Master Mason. Once then, I will perform my Master Mason Exam. I'm almost there!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The BEST Weekend of my Life

So as you all know, this weekend was the most important weekend ever! Addy came over and spent the weekend with me :-D It was sooooooooooo amazing!!! From the moment I saw her beautiful smile and felt her 'tight as hell' hugs, to the moment she had to return home, I knew she was the right one for me :-)

So, we cuddled a lot (which was AMAZING) and we even got to take a couple naps together :-) I can't ever sleep good anymore knowing that the best time I have EVER slept in my entire life, was when she was in my arms. I just can't begin to tell you all how amazing she is. No one has EVER made me as happy as she does.

She is so amazing. Addy, I love you with EVERY ounce of my heart!!! Thank you for making this past weekend the best weekend of my life!!! Happy 5 months baby!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am expanding....

to the 2nd degree on Nov. 19th!!!! I will no long be an Entered Apprentice....I will now be a Fellow Craft. One more degree untill the final degree....Master Mason. Almost there....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Lastest.....and Greatest.......News. Woot!!!! 11/02/08

So it has been a while since I have posted anything, and I felt like writing since I had a lot to talk about. So shall we start?

The Mirror's Edge Demo FINALLY came out last Thursday. The controls are BEYOND amazing. The feeling, the reality, EVERYTHING. This isn't a game that I will just pencil in for a 1st day buy, but it's written in stone. I carved it in ever since the first trailer. The demo just made it...perfect. A MUST TRY for anybody with a sense should I say this...image beyond reality? It is stunning.
The demo is out on XBL & PSN. Download Now!!!!!

Another demo that was made downloadable was Tom Clancy's Endwar. An amazing game based off of World War 3. Simply Stunning. This game is not based off of a first person shooter engine, but of an RPG-ish style where you only control your characters by voice command and let me tell you...the voice command feature is brilliant. There are no problems what so ever with voice recognation. You command an army.....U.S., Europe, or Russia. Very good choices in my opinion. You basically are to conquor the world. It's really hard to explain, so I suggest you download the demo now and find out for yourself.

So...after studying for 2 weeks, I have decided that at the meeting this Wednesday I will be performing my Entered Apprentice Examination. I'm somewhat excited....but really I'm not. I'm beyond nervous. So hopefully all the studying has paid off....Fellow Craft Degree here I come!

So 3 things are happening this week that will keep me pretty busy :-D
1. Wednesday-E.A
. Examination
2. Thursday-Playstation Ho
3. Friday, Saturday, & Sunday-Addy comes over to spend the weekend!!!

You also heard me correct...Playstation HOME. The very Home that has been delayed so many times. ALL Qore Subscribers get access into the beta this Thursday and that includes me :-D I'm stoked!

I cannot wait till November 11th. Mirror's Edge!!!! AHHH!!!! It's going to be sooooo amazing!!!

So Bonki returned from the Army last week. We hung out all weekend and it was fuckin sweet! We got to hang out with our close friend Mike Garrett....Twas fun. We all went to the Chainsaw Creek Haunted Houses in Toledo with Luis and then went to Hooter's (which was an experience of a lifetime lol). On the other side, Bonki had two PSP's and decided to give me one. That was the most awesome thing ever! This will mark my 3rd PSP to date. The other two and what happened to them are a different story. He gave me the God of War Chains of Olympus bundle and Hellboy: The Science of Evil
(Shitty game) and the movie Superbad and a 4gb Memory Stick Duo. Very VERY thoughtful mate!!! Can't thank you enough!!!!!

As you can see, my background happens to be the Square & Compass. The symbol of a Freemason. :-D Well, I have to get ready for work, thanks for reading!!