Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marching in the Bowling Green Parade as a Mason

Today was another day for which I am beyond proud of myself. Why? For becoming a Freemason. I know I mention the Masons a lot but I'm damn proud of being a member. After hitting my 2nd degree, I have learned so much you wouldn't believe. I have used these teachings to better my life by the craft. I am really honored to be a Free & Accepted Mason of Ohio.

Today, I went past the Bowling Green Marching Band and hearing them yell out my name and cheer me on made me feel so good. Also, being able to let everyone I knew know that I was a Freemason and fuckin proud of it made me feel great too. Let the comments of "World Control" and shit commence. Can't wait for the first person to start....

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Anonymous said...

Tim U were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!