Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Updates!!! 11/26/2008

So the updates have finally come. What could be a better time than the day before Thanksgiving? Let's tear this motherfucker apart and drop some knowledge for ya'll....word. (I swear I will try to NOT talk like that ever Anyways....

I have became a Fellowcraft in Masonry. Fellowcraft is the second degree AND the second to last one too. So what is the final degree? Master Mason. I & my Mentor Bill are REALLY aiming for the next meeting to perform my next exam. lol Yes, I'm pretty much ready. The exam isn't that bad, and I have 3/4 of it memorized. 8 more days until the next meeting. I feel like I'm campaigning for Presidency.....shit. I'll make it! Almost done with all of this memorizing....Thank God.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Woot! For all of you people who love to eat ( this day was made for you and your stomach of justice. I happened to be invited to my Brother Neil from the Lodge's place to join him and his wife (also including the rest of his family and Brother Kevin and his Wife) for Thanksgiving. Neil & Kara, if you are reading this, Thanks so much for letting me come over!!! You two are great friends (same with Kevin and his wife-even though I'm still getting to know you 4). Thanks for everything guys!

Afterwards around 10pm, I will be going over to Bill's place to play cards and pool against Bill and family. They wanted me to come over and eat pie and play cards so I was really happy to be invited by them as well.

So Kroger's today was a pain in the ass. I mean a MAJOR pain in the ass. Wednesday's are normally Senior Citizen's Day, but fuuucckkk.......Senior Citizen's Day & the day before Kroger's is just fucking with me. Bastards.....I'll leave what happened at work to your imagination :-D

So yeah, I'll write a blog soon about Thanksgiving so take care everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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