Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The BEST Weekend of my Life

So as you all know, this weekend was the most important weekend ever! Addy came over and spent the weekend with me :-D It was sooooooooooo amazing!!! From the moment I saw her beautiful smile and felt her 'tight as hell' hugs, to the moment she had to return home, I knew she was the right one for me :-)

So, we cuddled a lot (which was AMAZING) and we even got to take a couple naps together :-) I can't ever sleep good anymore knowing that the best time I have EVER slept in my entire life, was when she was in my arms. I just can't begin to tell you all how amazing she is. No one has EVER made me as happy as she does.

She is so amazing. Addy, I love you with EVERY ounce of my heart!!! Thank you for making this past weekend the best weekend of my life!!! Happy 5 months baby!!!

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Esther Chin said...

i'm glad you are enjoying your life :) say hi to addy for me too.