Thursday, December 4, 2008

To the final step!

So last night was our first meeting in December. A new Entered Apprentice came in, and we also had my Fellowcraft Exam. First, was my Exam, and man it was great. I am impressed with how I'm actually memorizing so much and remembering it. I still remember everything from the EA Exam lol. Second, was the EA ritual for our new member. Iisac (However you spell his name) is a very outgoing dude who is really friggen cool. It feels weird that I just became a Mason a month ago.....always wondering what was going to happen to me and such. It really felt different.

So, I'm awaiting a reply from my good friend George Braatz, the Grand Secretary of Ohio, to see when would be a perfect time for my Master Mason degree. Finally, the final degree. One more Exam and NO MORE MEMORIZATION.....until I take an officer position.

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