Sunday, December 14, 2008


How does this make any sense you might ask? Well, please read this whole article to understand. If all of you want to dig deep into my mind, then this article is perfect for you.

Reality: Bowling Green, OH. The United States of America. This place is a shithole. Most of you have heard this speech before, but I will speak my mind once more. Life is cruel, unjust, unfair, pathetic, painful, depressing, etc...Whatever you want to call it. It's bullshit at its finest.

So what am I talking about? My "Longing". My Personal World. My Dreams. My Reality.

I hate this realm. Earth is torn apart. To tell you all the truth, I really don't claim what I see most as "Reality". Why? Because it's painful. Call me a fuckin coward all you want, but that is how I am.

My dreams are my Reality. My World. In the past few years, I have had dreams that I consider "perfect". Every couple of months I return to these "worlds" and they're....peaceful. I wouldn't care if I died right this second, as long as I stayed in one of these worlds, I could NEVER be unhappy ever again.

One world, an underground city with an extremely huge waterfall and 1 mile long lake in the middle of the city. The people there usually jump from the top of the waterfall and swim the whole lake.

The next world is my favorite. The Water World. Water surrounding the city, Skyscrapers everywhere, beautiful waterfalls coming off of the skyscrapers, vehicles that run on water and can go up the skyscrapers.

You know what all these worlds have in common? I have "specific" conversations about certain stuff in these worlds with certain people. It's weird...everytime I have returned back to these worlds, they welcome me back with warm arms and remind me about the conversations from the previous dreams.

It's a living breathing world. I don't believe dreams are only in your head when they act 100% like an everyday community. Most of you will assume I'm crazy, but I really do think that dreams are real.

I miss these worlds.....sadly, It had been 6 months since my last encounter (The Water World), and I still pray even to this day, for the chance I get to MY reality. People wonder why I'm so depressed all the time.....because, when I get a taste of these other worlds, I realize how much my life is miserable.

I miss my worlds. Those 2 are only the tip of the iceburg, there are so many worlds that I have experienced. Anyways...thanks for listening.

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