Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Updates!!!!!! 12/24/08

It has been a while since I have updated and as always....I have a good amount of updates!!!

1. I finally became a Master Mason!!!! I'm finally a full blooded Mason. It feel amazing to have made it to the 3rd degree. Now the last exam......great.....

2. So I was supposed to babysit Neil & Kara's car and cats for the week but they came back due to certain reasons (AIRPLANES SUCK) and to tell you the truth, I'm glad they came back. lol. I love helping people out, especially a Brother, but intrusting me with their new car and such is scary, mainly because it's winter time and that means ice and snow. If it were spring or summer, I would have NO problem at all.

3. Krogers.......still a shithole as always. I hate the place so fuckin much. A lot of people there still suck ass.

4. I'm still waiting for the day I return "Home" to the watery world that I love. I still pray for the day I return. Please guys....Welcome me home one last time, hopefully this time.....I don't ever leave. It really hurts.....to most, it's a dream world. It's my Haven. A place where I can escape pain. Take me back world.....please take me. I'm ready.

5. Addy and I are still doing great!!! I love her soooo much!!!!!!!!!! She's in Florida at the moment and I pray she makes it home safely. I miss you hunny!!!

6. Bill & I are studying for my Master Mason Exam tomorrow for the first time ever. I'm excited!!!!

7. I'm going to church tomorrow with my mom & brother.

8. Going to Neil & Kara's For part of Christmas then to Matt Angelmyer's place. Going to be sweeeeet!!

9. Going to church next week with the Brethren to celebrate St. John's Day. After Church, Worshipful Master Larry Smith is making tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy....

10. Finally.....I finally got a Laptop!!!! Aaron was selling a great condition Laptop and I bought it off of him. It's an Acer Aspire 5570z. So it's pretty new. The OS (Operating System) I have on it is Ubuntu Linux. Very good system. Beats Windows for the most part.....installing WiFi is a bitch though...

So peeps, not the best of announcements, but hey, it's an update.

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